Introducing Mozilla’s New Women and Web Literacy Site

We’re excited to launch a new site for Mozilla’s Women and Web Literacy initiative, a program started this past year. The program addresses Mozilla’s commitment to tackling issues related to digital equity and inclusion by focusing on the increased barriers women face in accessing and participating on the web and in the technology sector. Women and Web Literacy is part of the Mozilla Leadership Network, a series of programs that connects people and adds impact to their actions on behalf of an open Internet in science, learning, advocacy and Internet of Things.

Mozilla’s Women and Web Literacy program convenes and supports a network of organizations and local leaders working to advance diversity, inclusion and digital equity through learning on the web for women. Starting as a pilot with support from UN Women to support local leaders, the program has evolved to further digital inclusion on the web and across Mozilla’s networks through applying a diversity lens to localized events, digital learning, advocacy and partnerships.

Here are some key ways we’ll be tackling these issues:

  • Have a public voice and stance on issues related to gender equality across Mozilla programs
  • Work with partners and outside experts to build and amplify a common agenda that demonstrates ‘why web literacy for women matters’
  • Develop diversity, inclusion and gender-based resources and reports from work being done across Mozilla’s networks
  • Develop the skills of local leaders who are teaching women and girls how to read, write and participate on the web in their communities

Check out our new website for more information on the Women and Web Literacy initiative, access to our growing list of resources and updates on our programs.

Stay tuned to the site to get access to reports, new resources and how we are working across the Mozilla Leadership Network towards an equal and inclusive web for everyone.

Special thank you to the following organizations: UN Women, World Wide Web Foundation, ITU, Digital Opportunity Trust, World Pulse and Empower Women — each leading the way to create a better world for women everywhere. Their input and support has helped shape the Women and Web Literacy program. We can’t wait to continue sharing with you how we are collaborating with these organizations to build a more inclusive web.

Want to learn more?

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