Here is the article I wrote for a cool company called TalentEgg that got published in Metro’s across Canada. In it I talk about my previous work history and how I came to the start-up world.

This is the article that my grandma is most proud of, mainly because it includes her. I once tweeted about how I take yoga classes with my grandma, mom and sister and the next thing I knew the Toronto Star was asking for an interview.

I once did this video advertisement as a brand ambassador for Toyota and their new car, the Prius C. Yes, parallel park is a big accomplishment.

I’ve done cool things like sat on panels related to community management and building communities in a start-up environment.

I’m also really proud of the two years when I planned and run leadership and business conferences in parts of China. You can read more here.

I also like to volunteer with different youth digital literacy organizations in Toronto. I often mentor with Girls Learning Code.

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