I’ve got the jitters

I’ve got a bad cause of the jitters.

Maybe it’s because last week I co-hosted and launched a new monthly webcast with my colleague Chad that focuses on curriculum development which is something I’ve really been testing my skills at recently as an informal educator and facilitator. This webcast involves creating curriculum live which makes it a whole different ball game but the first one has me spiraling with ideas already.

Or maybe it’s because on Monday I got the chance to speak at the annual UN Commission on the Status of Women and speak on a panel with representatives from the Government of Latvia, Government of Finland, the Alliance for Affordable Internet, the Web Foundation and the UN. I got to share the program I’ve been working on and now launching for women and girls in parts of Africa.

Or maybe it’s because I’m working on projects I really care about and hiring in countries and connecting in communities that I would never have imagined like Brazil, Kenya and Cape Town. Or that a reporter from The Atlantic is interviewing me today on these projects and they already think it’s weird how much I love my job.

Or maybe it’s because next week I get to co-host Mozilla Learning’s new community call and this month’s theme is celebrating women and the web in which I got to ask a bunch of people doing awesome work to teach digital skills to women/girls to join me in a live video call to share their work and resources with our global community.

OR maybe it’s because next week I am a guest speaker on the Library Journal’s Maker Workshop Leadership Series discussing “The Web as Maker Platform” and I get to share with 500+ librarians from around the world how they can transform their traditional spaces into collaborative hubs for learning key digital skills.

OR MAYBE it’s because in the last two weeks I’ve been asked to speak or represent at events in NYC, Connecticut, Oakland, Cairo and Bahia and my reaction to every invite has been “you want little ol’ me?!?!”.

I realize these things are normal for many people and this is the life of those who use their voice in a much more public way to share their message, but sharing my story is still relatively new to me and doing it so publicly can be sorta….scary.

So as you can see I’ve got a case of the perma-jitters this month. It’s a mix of excitement, nervousness and and a teaspoon of frenzy. It’s one of those moments in life where everything’s turning up roses and I’m just going to sit here and watch. KIDDING. BRB gotta go do work.


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