I’m a product of my environment

When I surround myself with happy people, I in turn am a happier person. When I surround myself with negative people, I am quicker to get angry and upset with the things around me.

When I surround myself with people doing things I admire, I am more inspired to do equally great things. When I surround myself with  individuals who seem to lack motivation, I become accustomed to settling for things that are just okay.

Like many of you, I’m a product of my environment. Whether we realize it or not, we’re effected by the people, communities, and places we surround ourselves with. Positive vibes bring good energy. Negatives vibes produce bad energy.

Understanding this means being realistic that you’re probably not going to always be surrounded by positivity. Often we find ourselves in moments of negativity and we need to learn how to:

  1. Change a negative environment into a positive one. Work towards helping that person, community or place and encourage it to be better. Things might not immediately change but the simple act of trying can sometimes be enough to create optimism and create a more positive environment.
  2. Let go of the negative environment. It’s the hardest thing you have to do and yet overtime, you realize that it’s the best thing for you. Sometimes people, communities, and places refuse to change and if you don’t let go you will be taken down with them. I’m not saying they always hit rock bottom but it’s  a possibility and not worth the risk of finding out.

As a person who relies on their passion to drive their dedication and work, I’m learning it’s increasingly critical that I surround myself with positive environments that add to my growth and fuel my passions. It’s not easy but I’m slowly learning how to get there.

choose the positive

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