You Deserve a Medal

Thursday’s in office world is a busy day. It’s what we call Newsletter day. Meaning, the team has to spend the entire day scrambling to put together the weekly newsletter that goes out first thing Friday morning. This morning in Toronto there was an unexpected freezing rain/snow storm going on which meant our office decided to close at 2pm. Now under normal circumstances it would be nice to go home early to curl up in bed with my computer and do work but this means the newsletter, which usually isn’t completed until end of day, needed to be completed before 2pm. This morning the rush was ON to complete the newsletter in the fastest time possible! Of course, it was completed in record timing and upon completion I stated to the team “you deserve a medal.” Seconds later I wondered why I couldn’t just create a personalized medal online myself and send it to the team. After all, these are the small things that make people feel good and you need to recognize the small wins.  I went online and came across where I created a personalized ribbon that I sent out to the team. Minutes later one of the individuals printed copies to put at their desks. It was totally worth the 5 minutes it took me to search and make the ribbon. The lesson is clear; show support when individuals do great things and celebrate ALL wins no matter how big or small. Verbally, or in my case visually, acknowledge the efforts someone took to improve their work process for the greater good of the team. That’s what I call being a team player.

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