Don’t worry if you don’t get it. The point is to not get it.

I’ve moved into my new place in Manhattan and like many of the places here it is small and over-priced but it’s in a cute little area in west village and I’ve got a great roommate. After weeks of apartment hunting and meeting many potential roommates, I can confidently say that I know a good roommate from a bad (and particularly creepy) one. And they are often hard to find. Finding a place to live was easy, but finding a good roommate was a far greater ordeal. Of the few things we’ve done together, we tend to enjoy hanging on the couch and chatting. Today we talked about what we wanted to do in life. Shyly we both confessed that we weren’t quite sure what the distant future held. It was comforting to hear someone else talk of how they’re waddling through the ocean of life. There was something she said in which the lightbulbs in my head went off. In regards to figuring out what we want to do she pointed out that it would actually be scarier had one actually figured life out. I think what she was getting at, or moreover what I took away from our discussion, was that the point is not to understand everything in front of you or be able to predict every next step. The element of not knowing brings forth the real discoveries in our lives. From this we learn more about ourselves and what we are capable of. So while I might not know what the next five years holds for me, I know there will be lots of learning along the way that will act as building blocks for my future. Not knowing what you’re next steps are can be scary but I agree with my roommate, knowing every step for the rest of your life can actually be scarier.

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