My City Lives in Muskoka

Apart of being with a start-up means that you tend to get less free food, trips, and swag unlike your other more corporate-working friends who tend to have a comfy expensing budget. But that’s okay, because as we know being apart of a start-up means you get much more in value. So when another start-up in the Centre for Social Innovation community offered up their on-the-lake Muskoka cottage for My City Lives to have a company retreat, we realized we couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to spend three days out of town discussing strategy. And that is exactly what we did. Strategy talks took place in the lake, on the dock and over Settlers of Catan.

Amidst these strategy talks and working sessions (and cliff jumping, boat rides and campfires), I managed to pull out the camera and practice taking some pictures of the peaceful setting. I’ve posted my favourite below but you can see more on my Flickr page.

MCL in Muskoka
MCL in Muskoka

MCL in Muskoka

MCL in MuskokaMCL in Muskoka

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