Tough Decisions

Life is full of decisions and like many people, I spend a lot of time pondering what is the right decision. Individuals might even spend more time afterwards wondering whether the decision you made was the right one. I do this constantly. I don’t live regretting what could have been but I do analyze the choices I’ve made and reflect on whether they were the right ones. This is probably done out of fear for making the wrong decisions.

Someone once told me that people make decisions by following either their head or their heart. If you asked me a couple years ago, I would have confidently said that I lead with my head. In fact, I would still give you a good argument as to why I use my head over my heart in the majority of my decision making but the idea of only ever following your head has begun to frighten me. I make decisions where I play smart but there is obviously a downside to this. Throughout many years I’ve watched one of my closest friends with wide eyes as she continuously leads with her heart. I often envy her decisions but acknowledge that we lead two very different lives which are probably the results of our decisions. I can’t help but feel that the best decisions are made when using both your head and your heart, though I’m sure it’s not easy to find this happy medium. The sense of powerful self control that comes with being able to use both your heart and head in decisions makes me yearn to possess this ability. I’m putting this on my list of personal goals.


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