Learning new skills

Somewhere along the past few years developing became the “it” thing. People want to learn to develop, they want to hire someone to develop and the most unpredicted of them all, developing became cool. I’ve talked to many people who shyly admitted that they wished they went to school and learned how to code because and I quote from an undisclosed source, “all these young kids are doing it now and making almost six figure salaries coming out of school.” The reasons for the coding craze is because a few years before it became a hot item the “it” item was entrepreneurship. People everywhere started to realize that they had the power to create their own company and disrupt the current markets by offering better solutions. Now we’ve got a world full of people wanting to create their own (predominately) online business but lack of knowledge on how to do it. What the entrepreneurs needed were developers, thus, bringing us to our current dilemma.

I fit amongst the current shift of people wanting and trying to learn how to code. I want to code partly because I think it is a good skill to have but mostly because in my position I could have more of an impact in a company by being able to edit the front or back end as opposed to writing a list  full of changes and patiently waiting for someone else to do it. I deal with customers every day and part of doing my job well is the ability to have errors fixed in a timely manner for customers.

Amidst the acquisition of new skills, learning to code is not the only thing I aspire to do. I want to learn how to use photoshop. No scratch that. I want to become a designer. I always thought manipulating images was fun and putting them together to create something was even better. Lucky for me, we could use some design help at work and I’ve been given some time and tasks to start learning how to use photoshop with the hope of being able to assist in the design of our products. Here was a project done in honour of the various Pride Festivals currently happening all over the world.

Current Logo
Pride Logo










And here are some recent images that I’ve been playing around with and editing. I realize they are pretty amateur but hey, it’s a start. I’ll share some of my favourites as they are made.


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